You Are Not Less if You Are More

Why is Oprah still telling women to lose weight?

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Still Growing and Learning

I wanted to share a post I put on Tammy Vitale’s Facebook page.  I want people to know what a big influence she’s been in my life.


I wanted to say “thank you” for being such an inspiration to me, and for being a mentor in my years as an artist. Also, you’ve been an important guiding force as a feminist. Even when I have not agreed with you and you were adamant about something, you helped to develop a sense of confidence that I could stand my ground with my own beliefs, regardless of who criticized me over them. That sense of confidence and feminist sensibility was the foundation for forming my voice as an artist. It helped me understand how I wanted to be perceived, and what to do when I wasn’t perceived as I’d hoped, and most importantly not to let criticism silence me. Now that I am trying out a writing career, I was surprised how much of what I learned as an artist, and from you as a mentor, helped me in a field that isn’t at all like my art or photography. It’s a little scary putting out my first book next month. It’s a fairy tale full of sex and fantasy. It was daunting feeling like even my smallest status update was being scanned for grammar problems. I felt naked when I started writing “Red August,” but excited, too. As a feminist, it was difficult to find the right voice to write about sex in a way that tried to not be objectifying. I want the women characters to be self-possessed and be able to describe sex with them and for them in a way that’s empowering. I want to tell stories that honor my past art projects, and our Body Politics project, that focus on body positivity and how women are portrayed. I know that for some feminists, I will fall flat. They will hate me. I know some people will think my erotica isn’t erotic enough, because of that. I know that some people will simply not enjoy my writing, maybe even friends, maybe even you. But I have that foundation that you helped me build. I know I can hold my head high because I did my best to tell the story the way I wanted to tell it. There is also a sense of accomplishment I hold dearly because I actually set out to write something, and finished it, and put it out there– to be loved or hated. You helped me be more afraid of regret than failing. I thank you for that.

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Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don’t

This video shows EXACTLY the dilemma women face every single day.  The whore/Madonna BS that saturates out culture.  It won’t ever stop – especially on social media – but it can be less socially acceptable.  And we can make this whiplash of contradictions well known to arm women with the information, so they don’t feel alone.

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Raven Heights Guest – June Episode

Raven Heights Guest – June Episode.

In which I am a guest on a podcast and we talk about Legoginas, Amanda Palmer, Tess Holliday, Caitlyn Jenner, Body Politics, The Goddess Next Door and body positivity, among other things.

via Raven Heights Guest – June Episode.

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Look Obessed Culture Lacks Priorities

Pink calls the weight and looks obsessed out on their ridiculous focus on what may or may not be a very slight weight gain.


This is what happens when you focus on a woman’s weight instead of what is important in life.  A very classy “fuck you.”

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Thoughts on Brave


I think people who call her “brave” are simply aware that bravery is what it would take for THEM to wear something revealing.  It’s not a bad thing to call her brave, but it is important to talk about what these things mean on various levels.

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Body-Shaming is Bad – Liquid Diets to Fit into a Corset, WORSE

Body-Shaming is Bad – Liquid Diets to Fit into a Corset, WORSE.

via Body-Shaming is Bad – Liquid Diets to Fit into a Corset, WORSE.

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